Cover photo: Out Of Comptrol, A Converted Democrat's Improbable Quest

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Mike Collier knew he was fighting an uphill battle. A retired PwC partner and a CPA with 25 years of experience, Mike was the logical choice for Texas State Comptroller—the chief financial officer of the second largest state in America. But he stood on principle and quit the Republican Party to run as a corruption-fighting Texas Democrat in a state that only elects Republicans.

Because he dislikes intolerance and overreach, Mike successfully reached across the aisle and garnered support from Republicans and Democrats alike by campaigning on fiscal responsibility. But he lost the election to a rice farmer who was hand picked by the Republican Party, a political machine whose bad-for-Texas antics Mike brings to life through his stories from the campaign trail.

"Out of Comptrol" details the difficult but exhilarating path of a modern political campaign, from the decision to try to make a difference to fundraising, stump speaking, and TV jitters. With personality and humor, Mike offers first an outsider’s and then a tenacious insider’s view of Texas politics. His excitement and frustration make Mike's experience a story you won't forget.

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